Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We "A.R." Growing as Readers!

I use Accelerated Reader in my classroom and I LOVE it!  One way I acknowledge my kiddo's accomplishments and reward them for passing A.R. tests (besides the A.R. store at our library) is to give each student a "leaf" for our A.R. tree each time they pass a test.  Each month I pick a different themed "leaf" for the tree.  For example, in February we used hearts to fill up our tree.  In March, we used shamrocks.  You get the idea...  Below is  picture of the tree without leaves and then one tree as we filled it up.  It's amazing how motivating it is for the kiddos to put a leaf on the tree.  I love the smiles and joy it brings them!



This is such a great idea! I love AR as well! This is the perfect motivator! I post my kids totals each month on chart so they can see who's in the lead and then they try to beat each other. I'm ok with some healthy competition, especially when it involves reading!!!

3rd Grade Gridiron


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Thanks for following me! I'm now a new follower of yours as well! I love the AR idea! I'd like to do something to encourage more of my students to participate in it (we don't require kiddos earn an extra Darden Dollar if they get 90+ on test). What do you do about/for those students who might be a struggling reader and never get a chance to put up a leaf? Also, how'd you create that super cute tree!? I know my regular ole' butcher paper wouldn't cut it! Thanks for sharing!



Also, what do the signs around the tree say?


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I responded to on my own Blog Wall...realizing that you probably wouldn't see that! I hate to 'clog' up your comments!!

Thanks for the helpful hints! We do book buddies with 4th graders and I never thought of doing that! Our book buddies time needs a little revamping anyhow! I've already started searching carson dellosa and trend for cute trees! You've inspired me! Thanks so much!! I'd love for you to send me the AR



Thought of you when I saw this...I even commented about your post!

It is dealing with AR:


I love that tree! Where did you get it?? I do AR as well and was looking for something different. I used to give each student a frog and they would hop to different lily pads as they gained points. But, after doing that for 4 years I'm ready to move on. I love your idea!


I got the tree at our local teacher supply store. I wish I remembered the name of the company that made it. Check your store out or maybe Carson Delosa. Good luck!


I would love to know more about the library AR store. How does it work?

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